donderdag 12 mei 2011

The end is near

Dear Friends!

It's impossible to describe how terrific last 4 years were. It's even more impossible to describe how it feels to live the life of a dj: traveling, meeting people, playing in front of lovely crowds,... Awesomeness!

Somethime's we really have to realise that this is not a dream, and that we are happy and lucky bastards. But, the last 2 weeks this feeling of happines is getting stronger and stronger...

For those who were at Balkanbeats IV, this is not new:
Kobe is finishing his studies in july. Because it's "now or never" he decieded to make a trip around the world for at least one year. Nevertheless one of us appeared solo as Tsiganisation Project occasionally, we decided to mark Kobe's departure as the "point final" of Tsiganisation Project. We created this project together & we grew up together, so we have to stop together as well.

It's not over yet! Soon we are going to release some new summer date's for our "Bye-bye tour". Next week you can catch us at Mano Mundo Festival where we are closing the mainstage after Mahala Raï Banda & Esma Redzepova!

The final party will follow at the  beginning of oktober. More info will follow soon!

Here I stop this "news", before I destroy my keybord with tears ;-) We just want to thank YOU, our friends, other dj's, parrents, family, fans, professionals, promotors,... for this amazing time.

Kobe & Sander

we ♥ you!

ps for the promotors: If you want our "bye bye tour" on your festival, make sure you get in contact with asap.

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